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Born out of a genuine and simple desire to help others be their best self, Motivate Colorado is your workplace wellness resource.



We spend most of the day at our workplaces, where we get into a routine of being inactive.  This can create unhealthy habits that pour over into other parts of our lives.



Bring the activity to your workplace.

Combining exercise science, nutritional science and behavioral management, we come to your workplace to help you and your team have a more balanced and uplifting day.


Our Mission

Help our clients reach their greatest potential, both in the workplace and out.

Our Dogma

Optimum Living
Optimum Performance

Our Team

We are seasoned motivational, health, and fitness experts who believe everyone can achieve optimum health and wellness

Our Leadership

Our founder, Melissa Aycock, has over 20 years of professional health and wellness coaching, and an even bigger smile.



We always come to you

Completely customized to your group

Group wellness workouts

Description: A group workout that will provide your team with an opportunity to elevate their energy and have fun. 

Options: 15-, 30- or 45-minutes

Possible Themes: Circuit Training, Senior Fitness, Prenatal, Core Strengthening, Pure Strength, Kettlebell, Rope, Jump Rope, HIIT, or something personalized for your team.


Personal training

Description: A one-on-one personal training session, at your workplace.  We will bring all the tools necessary to get a great workout!

Options: 15-, 30-, 45- or 60-minutes


Health coaching

Description: A sit down evaluation of your goals, and how your current lifestyle is helping or hindering what you hope to achieve.  We will co-create a plan to get there. You will work with our founder, who has over 20 years of personal training and health-coaching experience.

Options: 15-, 30-, 45- or 60- minutes


Mobility and stability assessments

Description: Assessments performed to help clients sit, stand and move more efficiently. Static balance, dynamic balance, center of mass and base of support are addressed in each assessment.  The goal is to enhance physical performance in activities of daily living as well as physical training.  

Options: Time Varies



Description: A certified massage therapist will be made available for any length of time desired.



Description: Have a topic that you want your team to improve on or learn about? Let us know!  Workshops are very specific to each client and we work with your team to focus on wellness, company culture and lifestyle.   

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